Perhaps everything is just gone

40X40 in Black & White Photography
Digital Print

Do we really have a memory? Do Memories represent our own imagination? After we get over of the short travel of our life, what can we leave behind? I pursuit of the answer by placing a pinhole camera on the top of the car during my journey…

我们真的有记忆吗? 或者说记忆只是我们的想象。 当我们结束了我们这一生的短暂旅途, 我们能给这个世界留下什么样的回忆, 是否就像这影像那样留下的只是模糊。我在车顶上放置了一台自制小孔相机来记录我的旅行,这些底片记录了沿途中所有的风景,得到的却是这一张张的模糊…