Vibration Data, Arduino&Vibration Sensor, MAXMSP
30X30 in
Black&White, Digital Print

These works were created using a self-made sensor installation that renders the energy of the swaying of tree branches in the wind and the rushing of a stream into numerical information, taking the information and formatting it in the style of Chinese poetry. Mankind’s most basic way of expressing human emotion is through poetry. Perhaps the same numbers that have recorded the energy of trees and streams can also record their emotional resonance. The poetic format is also the expression of their emotion.

这件作品是通过自制感应装置将风中摇曳的树枝和一条小溪的能量数字化,并把这些所得到的数字以中国诗歌的书写形式进行排列。最原始的表达人类情感的形式便是诗歌,也许 这些记录了树枝和小溪的能量的数字也记录了它们的情感,这种诗歌的方式也是它们情感的表达。