3 Channel Video 3:25 Min
Fabricated webcam system with 10 vibration motors, Arduino and Vibration data from the subject

Is Energy an emotion? As a photographer, I got a lot of pictures to express light and shadow in this world; however, I couldn’t capture the energy of our nature. Therefore I have tried to record a video to capture the energy of the nature. The reason why I am doing this is because I think energy is generated by the emotion, every object in our nature may have it’s feeling that we cannot read. I would like to use the word “Interview” as a title of this piece. The production of this work seems like the interviews to the objects. I feel like they are trying to speak whenever the objects are shaking in the videos.

能量是一种情感吗? 作为一个影像艺术家,我一直用摄影的方式去记录这个世界的光与影,但从未能记录这个世界的能量。通过这件作品我尝试着去记录自然界能量,因为我相信能量是情感的基础, 每一个自然物都有着我们无法阅读的情感,这三段三分二十五秒的录像仿佛是对物质的访 问,当它们在振动时让我觉得它们仿佛在诉说着什么…